Thursday, March 10, 2011

Would you like a purple face?

All's well while rolling at sea. We stopped at Grand Turk,San Juan  etc. and are noww on the way to the Bahamas. One morning, very early, I fell out of bed. The drawer was open and I hit my face. haven't fallen out of bed in many years. My left half of my face is a bright puple and swollen like I swallowed a tennis ball. It's very attractive. Nothing hurts except my arm and knee where I landed.  But I yelled "I've fallen and I cann';t get up"> I COULDN'T GET UP!!!! I was stuck between the wall and the bed.Lee pulled and pushed and finall I as standing, very carefully. It's a great attention getter, but it's tough looking glamorous.!!!
Lee is at the pool...not to my taste so I'm going to read and relax...some more.

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