Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We're busy all the time

Tpday San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is a time change for San Juan one hour earlier. So confusing...just for the day until we start moving at 10:30 tonight. I wasn't going to go off the ship but when we got off , there stood a little man thatt said a full city on an air conditioned bus for $20. Quel bargain. It was great. Saw things I never saw the last two t imes I was here. And shopped!!!! We came back in time to nap and then go to dinner and ate with the nicest couples. Lughed and laughed and laughed.!!!!! Tonight there's a singer for the entertainment. Then at the witching hour. 11:15 a dirty comedian. All the old people will be there for sure!!!

I couldn't find my connector to charge my Kindle and the nicest man who ate with us lent me his. Hooray!!!

I have walked so much, I think  Iwill enter a race for old, naughty women, to see who can hobble the fastest.

The food has been good..especially desserts. But even  the entrees are terrific.

This computer room is a half hour walk from our  room, so you see how much I want to blog everybody.

Gotta go. My master is calling!!!!

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