Monday, March 7, 2011

We're on l;and again

Yesterday as we swayed in the ocean we had to hold onto the railings. We hit some heavy seas and it was wild.It didn't bother either of us though. We had a busy day and woke up as we landed in (hmmmmmm) Grand Turkl. We did  some minimal shopping here, ate a hearty lunch buffet and walked two miles to get to the computer room. I HAVEN'T WALKED THIS MUCH IN MY LIFE , MOSTLY SINCE MY VAST NUMER OF SURGERIES. {Pufff Pufff)
 So far we have a lot of very nice people. we are at open seating and we get put at a table of 8 and we have a lot of laughs. The show last night was fabulous. Everyone had as much champagne as they wanted and the singers and dancers were fabulous. We didn't go to the slots This is casino robber shop. No more do the ding-alinggs- of the machines call to me.Popo Poo.and S_____T!

I'm tired from walking around Grand Turk Island. We made a few purchases and came back to the ship. I think we're due for another nap.

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  1. We are now safely at Butterfield. We had an easy and safe trip and are already enjoying the fact that it is warm and dry. Glad to hear that you are walking so mych. It is good for you!!!