Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traveling is fun ...or is that travelling

I don't have much to tell anyone unless I'm traveling..Home is very peaceful. But Saturday I leave for
Shannon, Ireland with Lee, Maureen and Bob
 It should be fun I will have two chaperones to make sure I don't get lost.   ( Ha Ha)  and another (Ha Ha). We'll be gone a week and Bill is staying with my Puppy. He loves Bill and Bill Loves him
I'm always afraid of packing but the only thing I can't replace there is meds so I'm checking and rechecking those.  The weather has been warm but will turn cold and they say the weather in Shannon (our first stop) is cool which I like. I won't have a pc there but if I do you will hear from me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


To put it mildly it's been a helluva week!!! A week ago Thursday I came home to the sound of water pouring out and I discovered that the hose on my washer had broken and water was 3-4 inches hight in the laundry room and about that in my a;djoining kitchen. The downstairs family room was equally wet. I was hysterical, which helps no one. This is when you miss a man around the house. I called the plumber and his first question was "Did you turn off the water?" Stupidly I saiod Not. So he turned it off then p[roceweded to fix the hoses. I'm sitting with a gin in my hand and said, now I have to clean it up. He said "Don't you have insurance?  Call them". Within 20 minutes a cres of seven or eight arrived here with hoses, dehumidifiers, fans etc. They werehere till 8 p.m.  They ripped up0 the kitchen carpeting, which I was going to replace anyhow. The fans stayed here here Wed. of this week.No they will replace the carpetiong and the linoleum in the laundry room. What a mess.

I had the gardener rip- out the bushes in the front, and now he has to put in new ones, but it has rained for the last 2 months. And the houise has to be painted as well. Such is the life of  a houise owner. Some day it will all be finished. Did I Mention, the landscaper is putting a deck in the front of the house.

Today the dog was barking and I was ignoring him but when I got to the fornt door, a large snake had found its hoome on the side windows of the front door. Fortunately on the outside. I don't know what kind..but it was BIG!!!!!    I THINK I'LL HAVE ANOTHER DRINK!!!!!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

MONDAY..............May 9

What a gorgeous day!!!! The sun is shining and the temp is good. No coat or heavy sweater needed. The grass is growing so fast I can see it grow if I sit on the front porch.   The weekend was OK. My wonderful family remembered me...wonderfully. Dotter and I played  Candleopoly, a form of Monopoly that involved the famous candles, the name of which I can't remember wright now because I'm opld and forgetful. Then I picked up Fried Chicken and a frozen cake at Dairy Queen. Yuuuummmm!!!! We were so full!!!!

I tried to shower early but there was an old movie on and I couldn't leave the TV. Those are so romantic. I loved it right to the end when they kissed and lived happily ever afterSo I went to the store later. Monkey is sleep[ing on the couch very quietly and he will soon start nagging me for his dinner, I wish someone would give me dinner if I whined. It doesn't work. I tried it.

I finally got a good extension so I could wear my diamond that I got on the cruise


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday------Allways a Quiet Day

No sun, No rain, But it's dark and gloomy it's going to rain again. That"s what we need more rain.

The guys that put in the furnace came and picked up the jakuzzi. I could not watch them. I gave him a really good price. I was glad to get rid of it. I couldn't watch them take it apart and put it in theit trucks. Milt is up there ,moaning.. I think I have a buyer for the walking thing--whatever. I'll be glad to get it out of the room. (Whatever that's called.)

Tonight I'm going to the concert. The choir and the High school choir are singing together at 5:00 and Bill is in the choir. It should be good. 

Because it's so dark outside Mac had been sleeping all day. He'll probably be chewing on my hands all night.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I really feel like walking the lovable mutt when it's this nice out, even when he's been a BAAAD dog. I had lunch with extra daughter, Jenny, today.She lost her husband but she seems to be handling it well. They weren't very close anyway. He died in Tai-Wan and their ceremonies there sound differen. Something bout fire and flames and chantings. We ate a Eat N Park and I had the salad bar and half of a sandwich. Somehow we can get really full on salad and fruit. I don't think dinner will be forthcoming.

Why does everyone say I look like I lost weight when I've actually gained. It must be that when you wear black  you look thinner. Will have to buy more black junk. Do you suppose I can find black p/j.'s?

My big baby sister is doing fine. Don't know yet about her hubby. Will find out in a few days.

Have fun...EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's March 30th and.......

and it's not supposed to snow in spring. I guess only the calendar says spring and the weather says December.

The Pain Center didn't call in my sleeping pill RX so I didn't take one last night and I didn't sleep at all. I feel so groggy and I'm going to pick up my Ambien so I can sleep tonight.. How come I slept so many years soundly and now I need a pill to fall asleep.

I put a nice big fire in the fireplace and it's blazing. That's the only thing I like about today. I like winter in December but late March is ludicrous, or is that ludicrus, or lewdicrus, whatever.