Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning After

I slept like a rock after
American Idol did their exciting final choice.

I wore the PJ;s that Sherri gave me for Christmas..never had them on before, I think she bought the  pants in size XXXXXXXXLL. They keep falling down. Baby sister keeps laughing at me. She said this was time for pic...but she didn't take it.  I have a problem with Baby sister's apartment. I keep walking into the kitchen and going right because that's where the bedroom should be. She gets hysterial when I get to the sink and the bedroom isn't there.She just lets me mak a fool of myself.I guess I have senior moments that go on for a month.  I can't help it if her bedroom is in the wrong place.
We're going to WalMart today for a hat and a bathing suit. I hope we see all those people that they show in the e-mails. We would fall down laughing

More later

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  1. Just make sure the bedroom is in the right place on the ship or you'll end up in the ocean!