Friday, April 15, 2011


I really feel like walking the lovable mutt when it's this nice out, even when he's been a BAAAD dog. I had lunch with extra daughter, Jenny, today.She lost her husband but she seems to be handling it well. They weren't very close anyway. He died in Tai-Wan and their ceremonies there sound differen. Something bout fire and flames and chantings. We ate a Eat N Park and I had the salad bar and half of a sandwich. Somehow we can get really full on salad and fruit. I don't think dinner will be forthcoming.

Why does everyone say I look like I lost weight when I've actually gained. It must be that when you wear black  you look thinner. Will have to buy more black junk. Do you suppose I can find black p/j.'s?

My big baby sister is doing fine. Don't know yet about her hubby. Will find out in a few days.

Have fun...EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

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