Monday, May 9, 2011

MONDAY..............May 9

What a gorgeous day!!!! The sun is shining and the temp is good. No coat or heavy sweater needed. The grass is growing so fast I can see it grow if I sit on the front porch.   The weekend was OK. My wonderful family remembered me...wonderfully. Dotter and I played  Candleopoly, a form of Monopoly that involved the famous candles, the name of which I can't remember wright now because I'm opld and forgetful. Then I picked up Fried Chicken and a frozen cake at Dairy Queen. Yuuuummmm!!!! We were so full!!!!

I tried to shower early but there was an old movie on and I couldn't leave the TV. Those are so romantic. I loved it right to the end when they kissed and lived happily ever afterSo I went to the store later. Monkey is sleep[ing on the couch very quietly and he will soon start nagging me for his dinner, I wish someone would give me dinner if I whined. It doesn't work. I tried it.

I finally got a good extension so I could wear my diamond that I got on the cruise


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  1. Yankee candle but you did remember dairy queen. Your next challenge (if you choose to accept it) will be to take a picture of your ring (with the camera not the phone) and get it on the blog. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.