Sunday, May 22, 2011


To put it mildly it's been a helluva week!!! A week ago Thursday I came home to the sound of water pouring out and I discovered that the hose on my washer had broken and water was 3-4 inches hight in the laundry room and about that in my a;djoining kitchen. The downstairs family room was equally wet. I was hysterical, which helps no one. This is when you miss a man around the house. I called the plumber and his first question was "Did you turn off the water?" Stupidly I saiod Not. So he turned it off then p[roceweded to fix the hoses. I'm sitting with a gin in my hand and said, now I have to clean it up. He said "Don't you have insurance?  Call them". Within 20 minutes a cres of seven or eight arrived here with hoses, dehumidifiers, fans etc. They werehere till 8 p.m.  They ripped up0 the kitchen carpeting, which I was going to replace anyhow. The fans stayed here here Wed. of this week.No they will replace the carpetiong and the linoleum in the laundry room. What a mess.

I had the gardener rip- out the bushes in the front, and now he has to put in new ones, but it has rained for the last 2 months. And the houise has to be painted as well. Such is the life of  a houise owner. Some day it will all be finished. Did I Mention, the landscaper is putting a deck in the front of the house.

Today the dog was barking and I was ignoring him but when I got to the fornt door, a large snake had found its hoome on the side windows of the front door. Fortunately on the outside. I don't know what kind..but it was BIG!!!!!    I THINK I'LL HAVE ANOTHER DRINK!!!!!!!


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